Who is Gonzo?

Find out more about who Gonzo is and what he does…

I’ve always wanted to have my own website, my own blog, my own story. A place for me to share anything I want, whenever I want. A place for people to learn more about myself, my work, and keep up to date with current and future projects.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Alexander (AKA Gonzo).

  • I was born and raised in Central Florida
  • I grew up in a Christian-Conservative household
  • I have been working as a paralegal since 2018
  • I started my own political podcast back in 2019
  • I partnered in an online marketing business in early 2020

and most importantly, I am always working on growing and expanding my brand!

What is my brand?

The name “Gonzo” is a unique abbreviation of my last name; Gonzalez. I gave myself the nickname and used it for social media mostly. Around my 8th grade year it started to catch on and more people referred to me as “Gonzo” in person. The name stuck, and next thing you know, I’ve tried to incorporate it in everything I do. “Gonzo” is basically like my stage name. My personal socials are @alexjgonzo, my podcast is called The Gonzo Tonight Show, you get the idea.

“Gonzo” started to become more important to me when I started my podcast. After going back and forth on a few different names, I decided to go with The Gonzo Tonight Show. I wanted the name to be more personal to me, because my mindset has always been to have everything under the same name, more specifically my name. When people look at my different businesses or projects that I run, I want them to instantly know that I’m the guy behind it all. Hey, it’s easier for branding purposes.

I’ve come to learn that branding is very important when you’re trying to expand. Not only does it help with recognition, but it also helps keep things organized and connected with one another. When people see the American flag they know what country it represents. When people see a car with the “horse logo” they know it’s a mustang. There’s many other famous examples like these.

If you ask someone what my personal brand was, you would probably hear one of these three things: politics, law, or cigars.

Most people don’t know this, but studying and discussing politics has been a hobby of mine since 4th grade, more specifically during the 2008 election, which was the first election I can actually remember. Now, I can’t remember exactly what got me so interested into it all, but I remember after that election, I started paying more and more attention to the bigger picture of U.S. politics.

As mentioned before, I work in the legal field, hence where people may think of “law” when my name is mentioned. My interest in law really sparked in 9th grade when I was given the opportunity to take high school law classes. I took law classes all four years of high school, from criminal law to civil law. Now, I’m a paralegal working for a personal injury firm in Lake Mary, FL.

People who know me personally or follow me on Instagram would know that I like to enjoy a nice cigar in my free time. Usually when I have time, I head down to the local cigar bar to meet up with some friends or network with people. I’ve learned that you can talk to anyone at a cigar bar, it’s as if everyone that walks through the front door instantly becomes apart of the family.

As previously stated, those three things are main parts of my “brand”, some of the main things people know me for. Of course, there’s always more details to be mentioned and they will all be shared in future posts.

But for now, this was just my brief story about who I am.

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