2020 VP Debate (Pre-Game)

by Alexander J. Gonzalez

Things to look for in the 2020 Vice Presidential debate…

The Vice Presidential debate is being held tomorrow, October 7th, at the University of Utah. The debate will be between the current VP, Mike Pence, and Vice Presidential hopeful, Senator Kamala Harris.

Both candidates are polar opposites, not only in their ideology, but also their personality. Vice President Pence is a traditional Christian-conservative and has a very calm and professional demeaner. Senator Harris describes herself as a “progressive” democrat and has a more aggressive style of debate. These two debating on the stage will appear as night and day, unlike the first 2020 Presidential debate where both candidates’ goal was to be louder than the other.

During Wednesday’s debate, Pence will most likely be asked to defend his record as Vice President. What this really means is he will be asked to defend President Trump’s record. The topic of debate will have little to do with Mike Pence himself, as the attacks from Kamala will be mainly directed towards President Trump. It will be the moderators job to control the debate and make sure the candidates both stick to answering questions about policy and foreign affairs. However, based on the track record of the previous moderators, I don’t have high hopes for tomorrow’s moderator.

Vice President Pence is going to defend the current administration’s record “loud and proud”, and will give examples of how he and the President have made America great again. Senator Harris will challenge these claims by accusing the Trump administration of failing to react to COVID appropriately, as well as inciting a racial divide in America today.

Kamala Harris will also be challenged on her record as a prosecutor and California Senator, as her record shows some inconsistencies with the Biden campaign’s message. It is said by many that Harris’ criminal justice record was the main reason she didn’t win the 2020 Democrat Presidential nomination. She claims to be a progressive, but her record shows that she supports a system that would give marijuana users harsh penalties, she supported a bill that would lock up parents who let their kids commit habitual truancy at school, and she has failed to hold police and prosecutors accountable for misconduct.

It is also likely that the moderator will bring up the 2020 Democratic debate, as Harris went after Biden hard for working to pass racist legislation. Her go-to defense for why she went after Biden in the first place? “It was a debate!” Now, Kamala claims to back Biden 100% as the guy who will end racism in America, even though he has had 47 years to do it.

This debate will not have as many fireworks as the last one, although you can still expect to get some drama and entertainment from it. Most importantly, this debate is expected to be more informational, so be sure to pay close attention.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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