Cigar Aficionado 1.01

by Alexander J. Gonzalez

The unknown truth about cigar smoking…

There are a lot of common misconceptions about cigars, often times they are looked down on because of a simple misunderstanding. A person who doesn’t know much about cigars may think they are essentially “large cigarettes”. However, there’s actually some key major differences between cigars, cigarettes, and other nicotine products.

For starters, cigar smoke is NOT meant to be inhaled when smoking. The idea is to just keep the smoke in your mouth briefly and then let it back out. People may ask “well then what’s the point?”. Part of the reason is because cigars have a lot of flavors that you can easily taste in your mouth or through the nasal cavity. Cigars also have high amounts of nicotine and can make you sick if the smoke is inhaled.

Unlike cigarettes, which can contain thousands of deadly chemicals, cigars are made of only one ingredient: tobacco. The purity of the tobacco, combined with the fact that the smoke is not inhaled, makes cigars much safer than cigarettes and other nicotine products. I personally would argue it is much safer than vapes and e-cigs.

But you don’t have to take my word on it, there are plenty of studies to show for it. In fact, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has released multiple studies showing the affects of smoking cigars. The data shows that smoking one or two cigars a day would add little to no health risks.

You can find the above studies in an article written by Brad Rodu.

In his article, Mr. Rodu shows the data taken from the FDA studies, and he even has all the links to said studies for you to look at yourself.

Another common question I’ve heard people ask is whether or not you can get buzzed off of a cigar. The answer is yes, you can. New cigar smokers especially are likely yo get buzzed off of their first few cigars. Some cigars are also a lot stronger than others, and that can affect the likelihood of getting a buzz.

However, I think that most cigar smokers don’t do it for the buzz, especially since it gets to a point where most people don’t get a buzz after smoking cigars for a while. I believe that most avid cigar smokers do it for the experience: the flavors, the socializing, the relaxation.

What is your opinion on cigar smoking? Leave a comment below!

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