The Gonzo Tonight Show Stands Out Amongst the Mainstream Media

The rise of alternative media…

In today’s everchanging political climate, there has never been more distrust in the mainstream media than there is today. Studies from the Morning Consult show only 51% of adults trust mainstream media, and Gallup’s new poll shows that 84% of Americans say the mainstream media is to blame for the major political divide.

In the recent years, American’s around the country are now actively looking to other media sources for their daily news. The mainstream media has lost the trust of the people, and smaller media organizations are thriving now more than ever.  

Ben Goodman, a well-respected student at the UCF School of Business, claims that he, like many other Americans, has lost trust in the mainstream media. “I personally am starting to gravitate to smaller news organizations who don’t have major funding from massive media organizations.” Mr. Goodman claims, “15 billionaires and six corporations own the top 100 digital news outlets. How can I trust that these outlets will share real news and not just their own propaganda?”

According to an article by Carly Hallman, Ben’s claims are correct. The top 100 digital news outlets are controlled by the ultra-wealthy. The idea that the mainstream news is all controlled by a small group of individuals causes people to worry about the honesty of the news they’re getting, therefore gaining the trust of independent news organizations.

“Let’s talk about what happened this past week…” The Gonzo Tonight Show is an up and coming podcast that gives the listeners weekly political news updates regarding the U.S. and other areas around the world. In each episode, Host Alexander Gonzalez and his guest(s) discuss several topics and issues that are relevant in today’s political world. The biggest topics that have been discussed on the show include COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, and the 2020 Presidential Election.

In the short time that this podcast has been on the air, The Gonzo Tonight Show is already featured in over 14 major podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and iHeart Radio. Alexander states his ultimate vision is to bring real, relevant news to people all around the country, and even to the rest of the world.

“My style of delivering news is to first talk about the hard facts, what actually happened. After we discuss the facts, then we talk about opinions from both sides and make predictions on what could happen in the near or distant future. We don’t tell you what to think, and we encourage listeners to do their own research and formulate their own opinions.”

Alexander J. Gonzalez

Aerospace Engineering major and small business owner Zachary Nikollaj also weighs in on the subject, “I believe people are starting to gravitate more towards smaller news organizations because they have less biased. You can gather the given facts and then make a decision for yourself, instead of being told what to believe.”

The American people, and many others around the world, are tired of flipping through news channels and hearing the same propaganda over and over again. People are tired of being told what to believe. More and more concerned citizens are looking to alternate forms of media to find the unbiased truth and uncover the real facts.

There’s always new topics to be covered, so be sure to subscribe to The Gonzo Tonight Show for your weekly political news updates!

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Company Name: The Gonzo Tonight Show
Contact Person: Alexander J. Gonzalez
Country: United States

 Who Owns Your News? The Top 100 Digital News Outlets and Their Ownership - - Infographic
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