My 2020 Election Prediction

By Alexander J. Gonzalez

Sleepy Joe will fail to wake up Democrat voters…

There are so many theories surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election. Much like 2016, most people think this race will be a close call. I believe that the reason for this line of thought comes from the mainstream media. Just like in 2016, the media’s job right now is to make it look like the Democrats gonna win, while making President Trump look like he’s losing big time.

People forget that just four years ago, the “experts” in the media said Hillary Clinton had a 98-99% chance of winning the election, only to get blindsided by a Donald Trump victory. 2016 showed us that the polls are in fact not always accurate. Back then, they had Clinton winning big. But now, in 2020, it shows Biden beating Trump only by a small margin.

Those of you who knew me in 2016 know that I firmly believed Trump would win the election, despite most people predicting the opposite. Many Trump supporters in 2016 didn’t even think he was gonna pull it off, and I don’t blame them.

In June 2015, when Donald Trump first announced his candidacy, the media said he wouldn’t even get close to winning the Republican nomination. When he won the nomination in 2016, the media doubled down saying he had no chance of beating Hillary. Up until the night of November 4th, 2016, American’s were told that Donald Trump would never become president.

However, if you look closely, this election is much different than 2016. While a majority of President Trump’s support has been silent in the past, it has never been louder until 2020. Hundreds of thousands of people nationwide are holding rallies and parades to show support for the president, and many more are participating in the “Walk Away” movement. This isn’t something the mainstream media will show you.

There are going to be two types of voters during this election: those who vote based on the mainstream narrative they are exposed to and those who vote based on the progress our country has made over the last four years. The mainstream narrative paints Donald Trump as a white nationalist, despite the countless times he has denounced racism and other forms of hatred. This narrative also attempts to show Joe Biden as a man who is for the people and can do no wrong, despite his history of racist policies.

If you are a voter who has paid attention to the progress of our country over the past four years, there’s a lot to make note of: a record breaking economy, highest tax cuts in decades, the war on terror, peace in the middle east, the list goes on. President Trump has gained mass support from people of all races, religions, sexes, and his support continues to grow daily. I am inclined to believe that he will win the 2020 election by a landslide, flipping many more states red.

Ultimately, we will not know the outcome of the election until after the events of November 3rd, anything can happen. If we have learned anything from the 2016 election it’s that elections are never guaranteed, despite what the media tells you. Until November 3rd, all we can do is vote and wait for the results.

Who do you think will win the 2020 Presidential Election? Leave a comment below!

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