American Hard Goods Leads the Luxury Pen Industry

Luxury handmade pens that will last a life time…

The market for handmade pens is becoming more and more popular, as they can be used to add uniqueness and personality to any business or individual. A small company in Longwood, FL is taking on the luxury pen industry, equipping local business owners with their beautiful handmade artesian pens.

“I stumbled upon an ad for American Hard Goods, and I was really impressed with the selection of pens they had to offer.” Personal Injury Lawyer Francisco Gonzalez Esq. says he bought several pens for his office staff to use, “They look great, they write great, and most importantly, they’re not cheaply made. I know these pens will last us quite a long time.”

Check out this short video about American Hard Goods!

At American Hard Goods, each of their pens are made with some of the finest materials from around the world. Like their Oscar’s Point Goncalo Alves pen, for example, which is created with exotic hardwood from South America. Often referred as tigerwood, the Goncalo Alves wood is known for its unique orange like color and tiger striped patterns.

Walter Moreira, the company’s founder and CEO, takes pride in the pens they manufacture, “American Hard Goods produces the finest luxury rollerball pens anywhere in the world. Not only do we use high quality materials from around the world, but we also create each individual pen with great care and attention to detail.”

While American Hard Goods has done a great job reaching individuals and businesses in the Central Florida area, they also ship their pens worldwide. For a limited time, American Hard Goods is offering a $50.00 credit to first time purchasers. Buy any pen and the credit will automatically be applied at checkout.

Check out all the pens American Hard Goods has to offer and let me know which pen is on your wish list.

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