Biden Town Hall vs. Trump Debate

by Alexander J. Gonzalez

Trump debates his third 2020 opponent…

The second 2020 Presidential Debate between Trump and Biden was supposed to be held this week. Due to both parties not coming to an agreement, the event was canceled. Instead, both parties attended their own town hall events that were held at the same time. The Donald Trump town hall was hosted by NBC, and the Joe Biden town hall was hosted by ABC. Here are some of the main takeaways from each event:

Joe Biden’s Town Hall

When talking about COVID-19, Joe Biden makes some bold claims, one being that President Trump and his administration doesn’t have a plan to distribute the COVID vaccine once it’s complete. However, this claim is false, as the President himself has shared his plans a number of times, including how he would use the military to conduct a widespread distribution of the vaccine around the country.

When it comes to the issue of fracking, Joe Biden reaffirms his claim that he is not, and never was, planning to ban fracking. He further explains that he wants to make sure that fracking is not emitting methane or other forms of pollution. He then goes on to state that no matter what happens, “the future rests in renewable energy.” Despite his recent claims, it is still a matter of fact that Joe Biden has promised to ban fracking numerous times.

Biden once again claims that he does not support the Green New Deal, instead he has his own plan to fight carbon emissions and transfer to total renewable energy by 2035, as opposed to the Green New Deal’s suggested 2030 deadline. Keep in mind, his campaign website still states that “Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face.”

Overall, around 79% of the questions asked by voters were from democrats, and around 21% came from republicans. Moderator George Stephanopoulos did not give Biden a hard time during this event. Also, the recent Hunter Biden evidence was not brought up during this event.

Donald Trump’s Town Hall

As opposed to Biden’s town hall, the questions coming from voters were closer to half republican and half democrat. However, a majority of the questions came from unhinged moderator Savannah Guthrie, who turned this town hall event into a debate between herself and the President.

Guthrie tries really hard to confirm whether or not the President was tested on the night of the last debate. How this is helpful to the viewers? I do not know. However, Trump claims that he cannot remember if he was tested that very night, but he does in fact get tested very regularly. When asked about masks, Trump says he is not against the masks and that he is okay with wearing one, but he also points out that studies show many people who wear the mask will still get infected.

As always, Trump is once again asked to disavow racism and white supremacy, which he, once again, does numerous times. After denouncing racism, as well as Antifa and other violent groups, Guthrie asks the President to denounce the QAnon conspiracy that the democrats are apart of a satanic cult. Trump claims he knows nothing about the theory itself, however, he is totally in favor of QAnon’s fight against pedophilia.

Trump us also asked if he would accept a peaceful transition of power if Biden were to be elected. Trump states that he would be in favor of conceding, so long as it is a fair election. He brought up the fact that there was no peaceful transfer of power when he was elected and that the democrats have been after him since then. However, despite all that, he claims he would still like to have a peaceful transfer of power if Biden is elected.

Which town hall event did you watch, if any? What were your greatest takeaways from said event? Let me know in the comments section.

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