Tyrant Twitter Takes Out NY Post

by Alexander J Gonzalez

Big Tech continues to violate free speech…

Ever since the rise of social media, there has been debate over whether or not companies such as Twitter or Facebook have the right to silence users on their platforms. There have been countless examples of users having their posts taken down, or even getting their accounts shut down, because of a post that is deemed “controversial” or “misleading”

This has been a big issue for a lot of conservative and right-wing users on the internet, but most recently, this issue came up when accounts shared information about the recent Hunter Biden scandal. Many large accounts, with great credibility, were put on lockdown for sharing posts related to the scandal.

The New York Post Twitter account was locked on October 14th after sharing posts surrounding the issue of Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey claimed that the NY Post article “violated its policies against doxxing sharing hacked materials”. Many accounts who retweeted the article also got banned for a period of time.

Dorsey came out shortly after and claimed that it was wrong for Twitter to ban these posts related to the Biden scandal. However, the NY Post Twitter account is still locked almost five days later. Twitter recently stated that they will not unlock the NY Post Twitter account until they delete the posts about Hunter Biden.

Recent capture of Twitter and Facebook stock down by an average .5%.

On Friday, Twitter updated its policy on banning posts that contain leaked information. They will now put a warning label on the post instead of deleting it all together. Now, if the material is released by the hackers themselves, or anyone corresponding with them, Twitter will delete the post without warning.

Facebook has also gotten involved in the mix, as they claim to be reducing the NY Post’s articles on their platform until they are fact-checked by their “independent, third party fact-checkers”.

2 thoughts on “Tyrant Twitter Takes Out NY Post

  1. We are free to control what is published in media we own. If a law can be written that preserves the First Amendment and forces “social media” to not censor posted content, I would rejoice, but as it is, FB, Twitter, Google can all do anything they want with anything sent to them for posting. That is just how it is. Don’t like it…DO NOT USE THEM.

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