Why I’m Voting For Trump

by Alexander J. Gonzalez

Detailed explanations of why people are voting to reelect President Trump…

The Gonzo Tonight Show released a new episode this week “Why I’m Voting For Trump”. In this episode, Host Alexander J. Gonzalez and Guest Zachary Nikollaj share and discuss a number of reasons why they are casting their vote for President Trump in 2020.

These issues include:

  • Lower Taxes
  • Foreign Policy
  • Anti-Socialism
  • Law And Order
  • Religious Freedoms
  • A Booming Economy
  • Record Low Unemployment
  • Appointing Constitutional Judges
  • Supporting The LGBT Community
  • Supporting The Black Community
  • Pro Life (Defunding Planned Parenthood)
Alexander J. Gonzalez and Zachary Nikollaj share reasons why they are voting for Trump in 2020.

This discussion gives a lot of details and insight on issues a lot of people don’t even know about. A good amount of information discussed on this podcast is not covered by the mainstream media, however this information can be found with a bit of research.

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