WATCH: The Gonzo Tonight Show


Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and now: The Gonzo Tonight Show is on YouTube…

The local political podcast from Lake Mary, Florida, The Gonzo Tonight Show, is now producing the video versions of all future episodes. Host, Alexander Gonzalez, kicks off his first video podcast discussing the recent Hunter Biden scandal. Alex discusses the details currently known to the public and how it may affect Joe Biden’s election chances.

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The visual aspect of the podcast is something many Gonzo fans have been asking for. Surprisingly, a good amount of people actually prefer watching a podcast opposed to just listening to a podcast. Either way, having the option to either watch or listen is an important aspect that has been added to the show.

Having added the visual aspect, this opens new opportunities to further improve the show. For instance, the use of pictures or videos can be shown to the viewers for reference purposes, something that can’t be achieved via audio alone. Graphs and other data can now be shown to the viewer for a more visual learning experience.

For your weekly political news updates, be sure to subscribe to The Gonzo Tonight Show on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or any other podcast app that you use.

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