Host of The Gonzo Tonight Show Starts His Own Clothing Brand


Central Florida’s favorite political podcast now has merchandise…

On October 28th, 2020, Alexander Gonzalez, host of The Gonzo Tonight Show, announced his new line of podcast related merchandise. The store website contains multiple articles of clothing and accessories all designed around Alex’s podcast. So far, there are five different items customers can choose from, including t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and iPhone cases.

The timing of this announcement came just after the release of the podcast’s very first video episode on YouTube. During this episode, Alex announced that there was Gonzo Tonight merchandise already available online. While the merchandise was not displayed during the video, it is expected to make its first appearance within the coming week.

Upon reviewing the available products, customers can find the Gonzo Tonight coffee mug. This coffee mug is a replica of the one shown in The Gonzo Tonight Show cover art.

There is one shirt that appears to be influenced by The Gonzo Tonight Show contributor Zachary Nikollaj. The shirt contains a quote by Zachary stating: “Did you know I’m Albanian?”, followed by his name as well as (and every other Albanian). The back of the shirt contains the traditional Gonzo Tonight logo. The product description reads: “A special tribute to all my Albanian friends and supporters!”

From now until 11/14/2020, use discount code “GONZO” at the checkout for 20% off!

100% of all proceeds are used to fund The Gonzo Tonight Show.

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