Is the “Watermark Theory” Real or Conspiracy?

by Alexander J. Gonzalez

A theory circling on the internet says Trump put secret watermark on mail in ballots…

If you’ve been tuned in to any news besides what’s on the mainstream networks, you may have been hearing a lot about the different evidence coming out regarding voter fraud in the 2020 election. More specifically, you may have heard the term “watermark” being passed around on the internet or smaller news organizations.

What is this all about? For those of you who don’t know, the theory is that President Trump, with the help of the DHS and the CISA, imbedded an invisible watermark in some of the mail in ballots in order to confirm they are official. It’s not yet clear which states have this watermark implemented, or how widespread this plan is, but one thing is for certain: the CISA has confirmed the existence of these watermark ballots.

An official document taken from the CISA website dated 7/31/2020

The document displays the different processes used to prevent mail in ballot fraud, the last one being the use of ballot watermarks. The watermarks are specific to each election and confirm that the ballot was printed by an approved printing authority.

This newly found evidence is discussed in the latest episode of The Gonzo Tonight Show, along with many instances of known voter fraud being committed. There are many eye witness reports, video recordings, and investigations proving that some form of voter fraud is in fact taking place nationwide.

The Gonzo Tonight Show talks watermarked ballots, as well as evidence showing voter fraud has been committed.

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