Alexander J. Gonzalez

Founder of Gonzalez News Network

I’ve always wanted to have my own website, my own blog, my own story. A place for me to share anything I want, whenever I want. After going back and forth deciding what exactly I should use my website for, I finally decided that I wanted to share real and relevant news.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Alexander (AKA Gonzo).

  • I was born and raised in Central Florida
  • I grew up in a Christian-Conservative household
  • I have been working as a paralegal since 2018
  • I started my own political podcast back in 2019
  • I partnered in an online marketing business in early 2020

and of course, I have always been addicted to American politics.

Ever since I was in grade school, I would always find myself getting into discussions and debates with friends and fellow classmates about politics. In high school, a lot of kids referred to me as the “politics guy” because I was very vocal about my views. Some may disagree with this statement, but I never tried to be obnoxious about politics, I would only talk about the subject if it came up in conversation or if it was relevant to the class lectures.

I realized that not many people, especially kids and young adults, wanted to hear about politics, and I didn’t blame them. American politics in particular can be too messy, too boring, or too controversial. That’s why I only discussed the topic with people who were as interested as I was.

In 2019, I started my own Podcast called The Gonzo Tonight Show. The show was mainly about politics and current events both nationwide and around the world. This was a way for me to share my thoughts and opinions of the topic to people who were interested in learning more. I’ve received a lot of support from family, friends, and even strangers who enjoy listening to political podcasts.

I share a lot of political opinions and stories on my social media, mainly twitter. However, it’s hard to say exactly what you want using only a hundred or so characters. I was able to share my voice on the podcast, but I also wanted a way to share my written statements as well. That’s when I decided to build myself a website.

Here at Gonzalez News Network, you can find articles about American politics, local news, press releases, and more. We aren’t funded by large organizations, which means the news we share is very down to earth and not manipulated to achieve a greater agenda. The news we share here comes from real people and real facts, without manipulation.

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