More Celebrities Consider Potential Run For Political Office

The idea of famous celebrities getting into politics wasn’t very common until Donald Trump decided to run for President of the United States. Before Trump, Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger were the two most popular names regarding celebrities winning political office. Famous rap artist Kanye West has also been throwing his name out there forContinue reading “More Celebrities Consider Potential Run For Political Office”

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Is the “Watermark Theory” Real or Conspiracy?

by Alexander J. Gonzalez A theory circling on the internet says Trump put secret watermark on mail in ballots… If you’ve been tuned in to any news besides what’s on the mainstream networks, you may have been hearing a lot about the different evidence coming out regarding voter fraud in the 2020 election. More specifically,Continue reading “Is the “Watermark Theory” Real or Conspiracy?”

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Host of The Gonzo Tonight Show: 2020 Election Prediction is Coming True!

Host Alexander J. Gonzalez shared his 2020 Presidential Election prediction in his latest podcast episode released the morning of Election Day… It’s a common practice for most people involved in politics to predict what will happen in an upcoming election. The most popular and most spectated election in America is, of course, the presidential election.Continue reading “Host of The Gonzo Tonight Show: 2020 Election Prediction is Coming True!”

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Why I’m Voting For Trump

by Alexander J. Gonzalez Detailed explanations of why people are voting to reelect President Trump… The Gonzo Tonight Show released a new episode this week “Why I’m Voting For Trump”. In this episode, Host Alexander J. Gonzalez and Guest Zachary Nikollaj share and discuss a number of reasons why they are casting their vote forContinue reading “Why I’m Voting For Trump”

Best Cities To Live Based On Your Political Views

by Alexander J. Gonzalez Learn which cities are more liberal friendly or more conservative friendly… I stumbled across an article by that was quite interesting. In the article, it discusses the top cities to live in whether you are liberal or conservative. They ranked these cities using ideology score, median income, unemployment rate, costContinue reading “Best Cities To Live Based On Your Political Views”

Biden Town Hall vs. Trump Debate

by Alexander J. Gonzalez Trump debates his third 2020 opponent… The second 2020 Presidential Debate between Trump and Biden was supposed to be held this week. Due to both parties not coming to an agreement, the event was canceled. Instead, both parties attended their own town hall events that were held at the same time.Continue reading “Biden Town Hall vs. Trump Debate”

Who is ACB?

By Alexander J. Gonzalez Since the recent passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, there has been a bit of controversy surrounding President Trump and his supreme court nominee. While it is the President’s duty to appoint a new SCOTUS when a seat is empty, the democrats believe that it should have waited until after theContinue reading “Who is ACB?”

My 2020 Election Prediction

By Alexander J. Gonzalez Sleepy Joe will fail to wake up Democrat voters… There are so many theories surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election. Much like 2016, most people think this race will be a close call. I believe that the reason for this line of thought comes from the mainstream media. Just like in 2016,Continue reading “My 2020 Election Prediction”

2020 VP Debate (Post-Game)

by Alexander J. Gonzalez Who won this round…? The first and only Vice Presidential Debate was held last night between Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris. This one and a half hour debate was the definition of “passive aggressive”, as both candidates defended their own records while sending small jabs at the opponent’sContinue reading “2020 VP Debate (Post-Game)”

2020 VP Debate (Pre-Game)

by Alexander J. Gonzalez Things to look for in the 2020 Vice Presidential debate… The Vice Presidential debate is being held tomorrow, October 7th, at the University of Utah. The debate will be between the current VP, Mike Pence, and Vice Presidential hopeful, Senator Kamala Harris. Both candidates are polar opposites, not only in theirContinue reading “2020 VP Debate (Pre-Game)”