My 2020 Election Prediction

By Alexander J. Gonzalez Sleepy Joe will fail to wake up Democrat voters… There are so many theories surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election. Much like 2016, most people think this race will be a close call. I believe that the reason for this line of thought comes from the mainstream media. Just like in 2016,Continue reading “My 2020 Election Prediction”

The Gonzo Tonight Show Stands Out Amongst the Mainstream Media

The rise of alternative media… In today’s everchanging political climate, there has never been more distrust in the mainstream media than there is today. Studies from the Morning Consult show only 51% of adults trust mainstream media, and Gallup’s new poll shows that 84% of Americans say the mainstream media is to blame for theContinue reading “The Gonzo Tonight Show Stands Out Amongst the Mainstream Media”

2020 VP Debate (Pre-Game)

by Alexander J. Gonzalez Things to look for in the 2020 Vice Presidential debate… The Vice Presidential debate is being held tomorrow, October 7th, at the University of Utah. The debate will be between the current VP, Mike Pence, and Vice Presidential hopeful, Senator Kamala Harris. Both candidates are polar opposites, not only in theirContinue reading “2020 VP Debate (Pre-Game)”