WATCH: The Gonzo Tonight Show

PRESS RELEASE Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and now: The Gonzo Tonight Show is on YouTube… The local political podcast from Lake Mary, Florida, The Gonzo Tonight Show, is now producing the video versions of all future episodes. Host, Alexander Gonzalez, kicks off his first video podcast discussing the recent Hunter Biden scandal. Alex discusses the detailsContinue reading “WATCH: The Gonzo Tonight Show”

Tyrant Twitter Takes Out NY Post

by Alexander J Gonzalez Big Tech continues to violate free speech… Ever since the rise of social media, there has been debate over whether or not companies such as Twitter or Facebook have the right to silence users on their platforms. There have been countless examples of users having their posts taken down, or evenContinue reading “Tyrant Twitter Takes Out NY Post”

The Gonzo Tonight Show Stands Out Amongst the Mainstream Media

The rise of alternative media… In today’s everchanging political climate, there has never been more distrust in the mainstream media than there is today. Studies from the Morning Consult show only 51% of adults trust mainstream media, and Gallup’s new poll shows that 84% of Americans say the mainstream media is to blame for theContinue reading “The Gonzo Tonight Show Stands Out Amongst the Mainstream Media”