Host of The Gonzo Tonight Show: 2020 Election Prediction is Coming True!

Host Alexander J. Gonzalez shared his 2020 Presidential Election prediction in his latest podcast episode released the morning of Election Day… It’s a common practice for most people involved in politics to predict what will happen in an upcoming election. The most popular and most spectated election in America is, of course, the presidential election.Continue reading “Host of The Gonzo Tonight Show: 2020 Election Prediction is Coming True!”

Why I’m Voting For Trump

by Alexander J. Gonzalez Detailed explanations of why people are voting to reelect President Trump… The Gonzo Tonight Show released a new episode this week “Why I’m Voting For Trump”. In this episode, Host Alexander J. Gonzalez and Guest Zachary Nikollaj share and discuss a number of reasons why they are casting their vote forContinue reading “Why I’m Voting For Trump”

My 2020 Election Prediction

By Alexander J. Gonzalez Sleepy Joe will fail to wake up Democrat voters… There are so many theories surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election. Much like 2016, most people think this race will be a close call. I believe that the reason for this line of thought comes from the mainstream media. Just like in 2016,Continue reading “My 2020 Election Prediction”