What is this Great Reset everyone is talking about?

by Alexander J. Gonzalez The next attempt at a one world government… The recent popularity of the Great Reset comes from a viral video of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In this clip, Trudeau talks about this idea of a “Great Reset” and how COVID-19 has given us a “window of opportunity” to take actionContinue reading “What is this Great Reset everyone is talking about?”

Who is ACB?

By Alexander J. Gonzalez Since the recent passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, there has been a bit of controversy surrounding President Trump and his supreme court nominee. While it is the President’s duty to appoint a new SCOTUS when a seat is empty, the democrats believe that it should have waited until after theContinue reading “Who is ACB?”

My 2020 Election Prediction

By Alexander J. Gonzalez Sleepy Joe will fail to wake up Democrat voters… There are so many theories surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election. Much like 2016, most people think this race will be a close call. I believe that the reason for this line of thought comes from the mainstream media. Just like in 2016,Continue reading “My 2020 Election Prediction”